Katie + Brian // with these rings {guest post}

Probably one of the most exciting moments of my career so far was when Katie Strebin walked out of the golden sunlight with her dad for her wedding ceremony and I started to realise that the risks I had taken on this solo shoot were REALLY starting to pay off.  More of that on my post about Katie and Brian’s 25 minute feature coming soon but for now, I’d like to proudly introduce the bride, Katie, as my first guest blogger:-

Guest blog post // Katie Bell

While scouring wedding blogs online one day, I followed a fateful link to one of Jeff’s wedding films and instantly became a huge fan of his work. His approach to wedding film was different, a level of talent unlike I had seen here in the states. I knew I came upon something special. I fell in love with his ability to tell a story through film and I loved the attention he paid to detail. His films were so beautiful. I’d also be lying if I didn’t admit part of what drew me to his films were the charming accents of his subjects. Their stories were the closest thing to real life “Love, Actually” I had ever seen.  I don’t think I’m the first person to love that movie. It always makes me feel good and that’s exactly how I felt after watching each of Jeff’s films.

I wasn’t even engaged to be married yet when I first contacted Jeff inquiring about whether or not he would be willing to travel to the states for my ‘hypothetical’ wedding. A year later when Brian finally popped the question (i.e grew a pair- haha), we sent him a video message inquiring about availability for the following August and lucky for us, he was.

See the video message here.

During the preparations for the wedding, Brian had an incredibly hard time making a decision about which wedding band to choose for me. I’m indecisive as it is, but I really wanted him to choose one for me. One day when we were out shopping downtown, Brian said “let’s just pop into Tiffany & Co. and see what they have.” Without coercion, I agreed 😉    Of course, we found a beautiful wedding band that we agreed was out of our price range. “Maybe for an anniversary?” Brian said on the way home. Looking back, I’m sure I had a hard time hiding how much I loved it. It didn’t help that afterwards we talked about how neat it would be to pass something like that onto our future daughters and granddaughters. The next day, I emailed Brian a link to this beautiful gold band I found on a blog by a designer named Nora Kogan. It was so pretty and simple, with the word “Loved” engraved on the outside. It was better suited to our budget and I loved it just as much as the Tiffany’s band, if not more. With our wedding a week out, unbeknownst to me, Brian decided to pull the trigger having the ring shipped next-day from New York. Apparently, Brian was stressing over whether or not he made the right decision and sometime between then and our wedding day he was walking downtown past Tiffany’s and he decided to stop in. Brian told himself, “If they have it in her size in the store, then I’m going to buy it.” Lucky for me, they did. (Of course I would have been perfectly happy with either) Today we joke that it was good old fashioned Catholic guilt that led him to do it. And there you have it, the story of the “Two Rings.”

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