The world of image capture is changing


HDSLRs (stills cameras that shoot incredible movie footage) are hardly new any more.  They’ve been used in wedding movie capture for over to two years now.  Any videographer that is ignoring their power is simply ‘not in the picture’ and has suddenly become way out of date.  Any photographer that discredits them is ignorant of the deterioration of their livelihood.  If they are threatened by HDSLRs just wait till Red Scarlets come out!  They will shoot 12 megapixel raw files at up to 120 frames per second.  From this footage you can make the movie, the photo album, large framed prints, hell, even a theatrical release would look no different to high budget blockbusters.

My point is that the world of image capture is changing fast.  If I was a full-time stills photographer, I would be paying close attention to this development and embracing it fully.  The buzzword at the moment is ‘convergence’, meaning the convergence of still and motion photography.  The technology is getting there, the market is certainly ready for it, the clever still and motion photographers are embracing it, just watch out for the dinosaurs that are kicking up a fuss to resist it- and sometimes ruining a brides day in the process.

Rant over.

  • 13 Aug ’10 - 10:16

    Mike Cottrill - Jeff,

    I could not agree more with what you have just said and you have said it with precision and honesty. Well done, good rant!ReplyCancel

  • 13 Aug ’10 - 13:42

    Jeff Wood - Thanks to those photographer friends who have emailed support. You are the people who realise that your asset is your talent and not your equipment. Keep up the good work!ReplyCancel

  • 5 Sep ’10 - 19:54

    Hamish - Couldn’t agree more Jeff! Big fan of your stuff, been doing some wedding videos myself. I think your editing sets you apart from the rest of the crowd though, something which doesn’t come naturally. I was asked if I could film a wedding from start to finish and basically stick it on DVD for a client, I said no because it would look rubbish (in my opinion) and also because of the slight problem of DSLR’s only recording continously for 15 or so minutes! Very true what you say about RED, you should check out this guy Shoots models on RED and then the stills get used for magazine covers! Though I dont fancy hauling a RED around for a wedding video!ReplyCancel

  • 10 Jan ’11 - 16:51

    James Bearne - Fully agree with what you’re saying Jeff. I’ve been shooting weddings and portraits for the past 4 years and my day job is a graphic and digital designer. I’ve heard countless photographers complaining of the introduction of video to DSLRs. Like you say this should be embraced and not shunned, I think it’s down to the fact that people are afraid of change and how it may effect their business. I think it’s just another way of letting the more skillful and creative photographers/videographers show why they can charge what they do. Separating the men from the boys 🙂 Great stuff Jeff, hopefully be doing work as good as this one day.ReplyCancel

  • 21 Apr ’16 - 18:10

    Dave Packer - Great talk at the camera show dude. Yes fully embracing the cross over to video. For me it all started with my iphone and waterproof case filming my kids surfing and basic editing in iMovie. Now im hooked and plan to bring video into my wedding stills photography business


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