My Presentation at BVE North 2012

When I spoke for the IOV (Institute of Videography) at BVE London (Broadcast Video Expo) last year, it was with (and arranged by) my friend Richard Wakefield of Wedfilm Academy and FX films. It went swimmingly and not being a natural public speaker, I was surprised at how much I had to say once we got started. I guess the subject of event film making is something I have a very deep routed passion for and we actually had to cut ourselves short while waxing lyrical on a lot of subjects because of time constraints.
This year at the BVE North in Manchester GMEX, the IOV wanted the event film making industry to be represented again but this time Richard Wakefield was having a baby! So I went to my good friends at Reel Vision for help and Rich Daly was happy to oblige.  We had done a presentation together before at our Bridezilla Bootcamp in March 2012 and our relaxed and fun approach had worked really well together.

We talked about some of the key aspects of our approach and workflow with an emphasis on the reasons behind the decisions we make.  Most of all we tried to get across that this is a fun industry to be in and the more you enjoy it the more successful you will be.

My final exhibit in my presentation was a piece by a very good friend of mine based in Argentina.  (I’ve not actually met the guy but we’ve been online friends for ages!) Alejandro Calore of Real ‘n’ Short Films came to me for advice when he was starting out, which was a little ironic as I felt I was just starting out just a few months previous.  I showed this amazing peice:-

Alejandro had pretty much ignored every piece of advice I had given him so technically I should have hated it.  But boy is this beautiful.  My point in showing this was to prove that there is no hard and fast set of rules that will automatically make your film magical.  It comes from true inspiration and an understanding of your material and what makes it come alive. If you do what you do with conviction and do it well, then whatever you do will work.  Ignore people who tell you you are breaking this rule or that rule.  Film making is an art form and if you love what you are doing, chances are someone else out there will love it too.



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