Movie scores on my wedding films

It is becoming more and more apparent that a problem is developing concerning the music used in my films. More and more often I am struggling with the edit, not because of the footage or the story but because I am trying to change the natural feel of the edit to suit a certain piece of music. This is nearly always because that particular piece of music has been picked by the couple.
For music video style pieces this is fine. The music goes down first and the edit is fit to it and doesn’t have to make a lot of sense as far as a story is concerned. But for all other editing styles such as movie trailer, or movie or vintage film feel the music is secondary. That’s not to say it isn’t as important, it is actually more important. It has to fit around the story, the feel of the visuals, the pace of the cutting and the dialogue.
In the past I have made do with making the best of how the film and the clients music choice fits together, after all it is their wedding movie. But now it’s time for a change. The story comes first. I’m starting to use more movie scores and more original pieces. Music choice is starting to take it’s rightful place right at the top of the creative process.

  • 28 Jul ’10 - 18:22

    Alejandro - Yes. Very important issue. Music is the backbone of wedding films. It determines the emotional tone of the entire piece. Not always easy to choose between customer preferences and narrative needs.ReplyCancel

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