Canvas prints from 5d Mark II footage

These test prints were kindly done by Richard Forrest, a past client.  The larger of the two is actually 30″ x 20″ and are printed from an HD frame grab from the 5d Mark II, my main camera of choice for wedding videos.

The resolution holds up very well, even for the largest print and I am more than happy to offer this service to my clients.

  • 5 May ’10 - 20:37

    Steve - Wow I didn’t realise that you would have the res to do this from a HD grab! Can you also produce photographic prints from the grabs?ReplyCancel

  • 5 May ’10 - 21:21

    Jeff Wood - HD 1920×1080 equates to around 2 mega pixels so you can work out your DPI from that. Magazines require 300 DPI so a HD grab would only print to around 6″x3″. For a print for a wall the requirements could be a bit less.
    More important is the grab itself. You have to expose slightly differently than for cinema with a sharper image and no motion blur.
    If I’m going to take stills from the footage I will expose at <1/100 sec instead of the usual 1/50 sec.ReplyCancel

  • 15 May ’10 - 18:51

    Steve - Hi Jeff and many thanks for the informative reply. Sorry for the late reply but I’ve only just checked back and spotted your reply.

    All the best,


    P.S. Could you drop me a line when you start the workshop?ReplyCancel

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