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Susannah + Alex // I’ll choose this, I’ll choose this

When the sun suddenly shows it’s face after a day long deluge it is almost more striking than a full day ofView full post »

Amanda + Scott // Warmth, food and Safety

Impossibly beautiful light, the warmest of people and a killer story of family coming together is what I live for as aView full post »

Sophie + Gregg // Same Day Edit

…Well technically a next day edit as this was done between the hours of 1 and 3 am on the night of the weddingView full post »

Becky + Lindsay // Rivers, Woods, Shopping, Cities and Dogs

It was typical Lake District weather when Becky and Lindsay got married at the lovely Gilpin Hotel and Lake House inView full post »

LOVE WHAT YOU DO // A wedding and event film making workshop

Images by Jaksa Timea –   Eat incredible food, prepared on an openView full post »

2015 // the year of media

The closest to famous I ever felt was while on my mates stag do in Amsterdam when hundreds of tourists took our pictureView full post »

Charlotte + Johan // tu y yo

A beautiful Mayan poem read, in Spanish, by the father of the bride is a fitting way to open such a powerful story.View full post »

Charlotte + Johan // Yucatan Wedding

This is a new kind of blog post for me.  Often, when I am travelling back from a beautiful wedding or interestingView full post »

Cheryl + Tom // …But not special to everyone

It was a long, dusty, lonely journey to Borgo San Felice in Tuscany so I felt extremely lucky to be met with the mostView full post »

Mandy + Adam // More Than Humous

I knew from speaking to Mandy and Adam on Skype that this was going to be a special wedding.  We had an immediateView full post »

2people1life – Petra // Director’s cut

Three times now I have joined the 2people1life rollercoaster and I have to admit, it is addictive.  If youView full post »

2 people 1 life – Petra // Teaser

I caught up with my good friends Lisa and Alex to get involved once again in their crazy 2 people 1 life journey. ThisView full post »

Nilmini + Dawid // When you live in the land of the Zulu

Nilmini and David’s wedding was a beautiful chord of cultures.  Anyone that has followed my work will know thatView full post »

Where I’ve shot

When I started shooting weddings in 2008 I had no idea where it would take me.  Now, six years later I feelView full post »

Emma + Mike // a part of my future

Babington house is one of my favourite wedding venues in the country, I’ve shot there a few times but this isView full post »

Anastasia + Artur // the moment I met you

Never before have I been so personally  involved in a wedding. Welcome is not the word!  I was almost made to feelView full post »

Jessie + Harry // a long and bright future

The setting for Jessie and Harry’s wedding was beautiful enough to make anyone emotional!  So it was almost tooView full post »

Tara + Ben // “the richest man in the world – today”

One of my favourite venues, Barnsley house, will be the venue of my workshop next tuesday so it’s good timing toView full post »

…I Know It Will Be // Fran + Ben

Ben has been on tenterhooks all week waiting for this trailer to be posted.  I have been tweaking it all day andView full post »

Living in a Little Bubble // Louise + Charles

Here’s a very rainy video from early this ‘summer’.  As a film maker it is just as much a gift toView full post »

Ho Ho Ho It’s Christmas // I need your vote

This summer I was commissioned to produce the promo video for Ho Ho Ho It’s Christmas.  This is a charity singleView full post »

Tellin’ Stories // an event film maker’s workshop

On Tuesday 18th November I will be presenting a one day workshop at the stunning Barnsley House in the Cotswolds.  TheView full post »

Kyra + Patrick // a place to dream, a place to cry

This location truly is a place to dream and a place to cry and I got choked up as usual during the edit.  SuchView full post »

Leanne + Dave // My wish came true

I was first aware of Leanne’s existence on 29th May 2011 when this appeared in my Twitter feed:- ‘It doesView full post »

Gemma + Andrew // One Chance

First things first, some of the more astute (and UK based) might have noticed it did not snow this winter!  Well,View full post »

Tracy + Adam // a forever story

There was one underlying secret that had to be kept during the preparations of Tracy and Adam’s wedding.  OK,View full post »

Mile high club // 2people1life

Alex and Lisa are travelling the world having a local style wedding ceremony in each country they visit, aView full post »

What is ‘wedding cinematography’?

Surely a cinematographer is a very important person on a real film set?!  Also called a Director of Photography (DP)View full post »

Karen + Tony // Save the date

I don’t do many of these and this was online for the build up of Karen and Tony’s wonderful wedding day onView full post »

2people1life // Wales

Lisa and Alex were introduced to me by Alejandro Calore who shot their wedding video in Buenos Aires, Argentina. TheyView full post »

Meet Lisa and Alex // 2people1life

A few weeks ago I had the very good fortune to meet Alex and Lisa.  Actually it was my friend Alejandro Calore thatView full post »

Katie + Brian // with these rings {guest post}

Probably one of the most exciting moments of my career so far was when Katie Strebin walked out of the golden sunlightView full post »

Bridezilla Bootcamp mkII // an event cinema workshop

At last!  We are proud to announce our second event cinema workshop – Bridezilla Bootcamp mkII.  It will be atView full post »

My beautiful little family // Jude’s Christening

It was a lovely sunny winter day and I feel very special to have such a wonderful family gathering captured on film.View full post »

My Presentation at BVE North 2012

When I spoke for the IOV (Institute of Videography) at BVE London (Broadcast Video Expo) last year, it was with (andView full post »

The iPhone on a pro wedding shoot!

It had to happen some time! Just before Christmas I saw in my Twitter feed that it finally happened. A professionalView full post »

Stephanie + Matthew // my tissue is still here

This is the first in a long run of overseas weddings I shot this year and what better, more romantic a place thanView full post »

Aimee + Roy // to pop the question

I love it when a young couple are so infatuated by each other that the excitement of the day really shines through inView full post »

Helen + Simon // …and I won’t let you down

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the amazingly talented Mara Carlisle who sang in church during the signing ofView full post »

Allison + Terence // …the person I’m supposed to be with

Allison and Terence’s spacious London apartment was the perfect setting for the fun and emotional bridalView full post »

Sophia + Richard // vision of perfection {SDE}

Another same day edit!  Bury Court Barn in Farnham is one of the most picturesque venues I have ever shot at.  TheView full post »

Lauren + Shane // Stop crying

This is a trailer in the true sense of the word in that it is meant to build antisipation for the main feature. ThisView full post »

Amy + Paul // my eyes are sweating {SDE}

{SDE} means same day edit and this short trailer was edited (just in time) and screened at the reception of Amy andView full post »

Wedding cinematography workshop

 Bridezilla Bootcamp is a joint venture with Reel Vision and FX films. We had such a laugh making this promo. PLeaseView full post »

The Music Industry Beast is Stirring

In the USA there has been some recent news that has shaken the wedding movie industry world wide. Joe Simon and twoView full post »

Slumdog Cinematographer // BTS

I just had to put this together as a kind of keepsake to remember our wedding shoot in Udaipur. It was a nightmare 30View full post »

The best enquiry I ever received!

Imagine my excitement when I received this little movie by email!  I think I speak for most Brits when I say AmericansView full post »

‘Nothing’ // Jennifer Sawdon

I’ve worked with Jenny a few times at weddings where she was singing and I was shooting. At one I did a same dayView full post »

Helen + Andy // to share all these adventures together

I enjoyed the drive down to Ashford-In-The-Water near Bakewell almost as much as the wedding. A lovely little villageView full post »

Amy + Yannick // mon petit ange

I have never seen so much effort put into wedding decorations as the effort that Amy had put in. The result was uniqueView full post »

Cheryl + Syrus // one tree and not two

I’m always particularly excited by outdoor wedding ceremonies and it was a great surprise to find that CherylView full post »

Joanna + Rich // every single day of my life

I have shot at Great John Street Hotel in Manchester many times and have always enjoyed it but never before have IView full post »

Nat + Tom // so proud to be standing here

It always makes my day when a bride cries.  No I’m not a sicko, I just know it’s going to be easier to getView full post »

Jennie + Chris // let’s go and grow old

You wouldn’t believe how many talented people were at Jennie and Chris’ wedding. Jennie herself is anView full post »

Sophie + Oli // I know you feel the same

If there was a prize for the best sense of humour I think these guys would be winning hands down. If there was a prizeView full post »

Romina + Daniel // wa’ma gonna do?

The wedding took place at Castello Arrognese, Ischia, Italy.  Hands down the most beautiful location I have shot at toView full post »

The world of image capture is changing

HDSLRs (stills cameras that shoot incredible movie footage) are hardly new any more.  They’ve been used inView full post »

Movie scores on my wedding films

It is becoming more and more apparent that a problem is developing concerning the music used in my films. More andView full post »

The 5d Mark II to be used exclusively on the House series finally

First there was the rumour of  5d mark IIs being used on the set of Iron Man II.  Then the confirmed news that theyView full post »

Canvas prints from 5d Mark II footage

These test prints were kindly done by Richard Forrest, a past client.  The larger of the two is actually 30″ xView full post »

Robert Rodriguez is using DSLR for latest music video

Robert Rodriguez was spotted using two Canon 7ds to shoot his latest music video.  These cameras have now been used byView full post »

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